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Endobiogenics Medical Assistant 3.0

WELCOME to the Endobiogenics Medical Assistant 3 (EMA™)

1 - A new concept of terrain: Endobiogeny
The Endobiogenic theory of terrain proposes a new dynamic description of biological mechanisms running in the human body, based on a fundamental principle: the endocrine system manages the physiological systems which ensure the living of an individual. Terrain refers to the potential and actual capacities of the body, in basal structure, in adaptation to stressors, or in its attempt to return continuously to the prior state of homeostasis. Successfully evaluating in each patient's terrain the true disturbances participating in the installation, development or regression of pathology, is essential to correctly assessing and treating any and all disorders.

2 - Endocrine system components and relationships
The body requires a dynamic system capable of simultaneously checking, balancing, and managing the organism, while managing itself. The endocrine system is the only system that owns these qualities : it ensures the control and management of all systems(endocrine, neurologic, immunologic, musculo-skeletal, vascular, lymphatic, emunctories, and biochemical factors), while maintaining the integrated and inter-related relationships at various levels of functionality: cellular, tissue, and organ as well as the organism as a whole The endobiogenic approach is focused around the vertical, horizontal and radial activities of the four endocrine axes of regulation: hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal, hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal, hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid, and hypothalamus-pituitary-somatotropic (pancreas). The autonomic nervous system acts as the initiator of homeostasis as well as of the adaptation response of the organism, interfacing with the anabolic and catabolic activity of the endocrine system. Thus, any disorder or disease in the body, structural, functional, or pathological can be analyzed and treated, based on the correct assessment of the endocrine system and its effects upon all other systems and functions.

3 -Biological modeling and EMA™ (Endobiogenic Medical Assistant)
EMA™ is a biological modeling system that quantifies the structural and functional abilities of the organism, before and after the effects of adaptation to stressors. The algorithms that permit the calculation of these indices are based on the physiological relations that exist between the direct or indirect products of hormonal and organs activity, yielding over 100 indices. The whole set of indices gives an evolutionary assessment of an individual body functionality, system by system, organ by organ, participating in the maintenance of homeostasis as well as in the installation and development of pathological states, of any kind. In addition, the EMA™ helps the practitioner to better understand the root causes of pathologies and establish a more precise diagnostic. It also helps in the selection of therapeutic solutions, preferably or in complement to classical solutions, suggesting natural extract medications better suited to the physiology of the organism, with medicinal plants being usually the best choice. The presentation of these medications has been designed for an easy implementation, with selected plants and prepackaged symptom oriented solutions, without requiring an extensive knowledge of botany or phyto-pharmacology.

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